Charlie Sheen Bashes Co-Star Jon Cryer Then Half Apologizes

Charlie Sheen has made another video rant and this time he's criticizing co-star Jon Cryer for not reaching out to him. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Charlie Sheen is going after his former bosses in a new video rant, launching his most vicious attack yet on Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre.

"Hiya Chuck-E-Cheese ball. Where ya hiding silly clown?" he says.

Sheen wears glasses and looks a little more put together. It's obvious he's reading from a teleprompter.

"If sad and stupid had a foul odor attached to it, it would be you [expletive] Borre!" he said.

The vitriol didn't stop there. Sheen also went after his co-star Jon Cryer, calling him a "traitor" and a "troll" for not reaching out to him.

But in an interview with K-Earth radio in Los Angeles today, even Sheen admitted he had gone too far.

"I'll apologize to Jon right now, I was in a mood and I threw that out…I kind of knew they were going to print it…Yeah, I knew they were going to print it!" he said.

"Are you apologizing now to Jon Cryer?" a K-Earth host asked him.

"A little bit, it's kind of a half apology, it's an 'apol,' " said Sheen.

Sheen sounded out of breath because he was conducting the interview while running on a treadmill.

Sheen's new video rant, carried live on the internet Tuesday night, gives America a peek into his disturbed world. On his desk there is the book The Art of War and a bottle of "tiger blood," which is actually 100% organic juice made from beet, carrot, pear, celery, and red apple.

But the nuttiness coming out of his mouth was nonstop.

"Now that I have your lazy [expletive] attention, World, sit back and rejoice. For the Malibu Messiah, the Condor of Calabasas, the [expletive] warlock of your jealous face sits before you," said Sheen.

"At this point in time Charlie Sheen needs to be committed involuntarily. His friends and family have got to step up and deal with the seriousness of this situation," clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Golland tells INSIDE EDITION.

But Sheen slammed the idea of involuntary commitment on The Dan Patrick Show.

Sheen has lost custody of his twin boys, and his estranged wife Brooke Mueller is said to be appalled at video shot by the night the boys were taken from Sheen's estate under court order.
One of the 2-year-old boys says "Kiss my [expletive]."

Mueller reportedly plans to use it against Sheen in their custody battle
Meanwhile, Rob Lowe is emerging as a front-runner to take Sheen's place on Two and a Half Men. Lowe won't comment, but a posting on his Twitter page today may be a not-so-subtle hint that he's interested:

"On Spring break with the family, my Two Men are running me ragged! They just go, 24-7"

And today Sheen says he actually likes the idea of Lowe replacing him:

"They're talking to Rob, he's a buddy of mine. He's a beautiful man. He's a brilliant actor, and I hope he does it and kicks its [expletive] because you know I still get 'pizaid!' " he said.