Knockout Punch? Wife of Muhammad Ali's Son Says He 'Betrayed' Her After Father's Funeral

Muhammad Ali Jr.'s wife Shaakira has been left heartbroken after her husband apparently ditched her.

It was a funeral for the ages as Muhammad Ali got a fitting tribute in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, in June. But now, seven months after the champ was laid to rest, new details of his estate have emerged.

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The iconic boxer and civil rights leader left $80 million behind and each of his nine children will reportedly get $6 million each. His widow, Lonnie, is said to be receiving twice that amount.

While not confirming the distribution of the estate or the amounts people will receive, Lonnie’s spokesperson said in a statement: "His trust and all of its details were approved by Muhammad and reflect his wishes to ensure that his legacy would be honored."

But there is has been drama involving the late boxer’s only biological son, Muhammad Ali Jr.

Not long after the champ’s son with his second wife, Belinda Boyd, attended his father's service along with his wife Shaakira, she claims he ditched her, failing to return to their modest Chicago apartment.

Shaakira says she has no idea what her estranged husband's inheritance might be, but now she's wondering if she'll ever see a penny of it.

"I was totally heartbroken!" she told Inside Edition. "I couldn't believe it."

Shaakira and her husband live in an apartment on the South Side of Chicago. For years the family has been living in this cramped, rundown apartment that's owned by her parents.

She says in the 11 years they've been married he's only had odd jobs, cutting grass, or gardening for neighbors and she has been the primary bread winner. She says now she feels betrayed.

She says she has been paying the bills and everyone believes he might be a millionaire.

“That's what everybody thinks — a millionaire — and now he wants to leave me,” she said.

She says her husband’s father gave a gift of $3,000 when they got married 2005.

"I thought it could have been more,” she admitted. “It's like we're in the family, but we'll keep you all to the side."

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In 2014, the King of the Ring’s son told Inside Edition that he was broke and had not seen his father as often as he wished.

“I asked my stepmother, 'why don't you let my father come out here to see me,'" he said. "[She said] 'I don't want him to see you living like you do.' I was like, 'why not, maybe he'd help me.'"

At the time, Lonnie Ali told Inside Edition her stepson’s allegations are false, adding he has visited his father on many occasions and has been helped financially.

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