Gwen Stefani Song Inspires 5-Year-Old To Write His First Word in Cute Video

His mom said the moment surprised her.

A mom, and avid Gwen Stefani fan, was surprised when one of the star’s songs helped her son write his first words.

In a video posted to Twitter, 5-year-old Max Jones sings the words, “The b is for bananas, b-a-n-a-n-as,” from Stefani’s 2004 hit “Hollaback Girl,” as he writes the word “banana” on a note card.

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His mom, Norah Jones, said Max had never written a word by himself but usually just copies other words he sees as he’s learning in his kindergarten class.

They’d just finished practicing words when he started writing on his on.

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“All of sudden I see him writing bananas and I was like how did you learn to write that,” said Jones. “He started singing the chorus to ‘Hollaback girl.”

“I was so surprised because I knew that he liked the song and I’ve heard him sing it so to see him writing it I thought it as cutest thing.”

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