Charlie Sheen Cooks Up His Own Brand of Comedy

Charlie Sheen filmed a spoof of himself for a comedy website, but some people are saying his antics aren't so funny anymore. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's Chef Charlie!

In a new video just posted on, Sheen wears a chef's hat covered in tiger stripes and pokes fun at himself in a show called Winning Recipes. He prepares a steak dinner covered with what else? Cigarette ashes.

In one moment on the video, Sheen says, "I don't cook food. I will it!"

He holds up a spatula and says, "This is not a spatula. It's a cooking wand for a warlock!"

The spoof was filmed at his estate in Los Angeles. But there's a sad backstory to the video. It was shot on his daughter Sam's 7th birthday.

That's right, Sheen was not with his little girl on her big day. Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, reportedly told Sheen she didn't want him around.

Richards also tweeted a photo of the adorable puppy she gave their daughter as a gift, with a caption that read:

"Sami wanted a pup we're fostering 4 her b-day..I have a surprise for her!"

Sheen did call that evening to wish Sam a happy birthday, but that was all, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is getting a surprising voice of support from his one-time fiancée, Kelly Preston.

Before Preston married John Travolta, she almost became Mrs. Charlie Sheen. Their engagement ended with a bizarre incident in which Sheen accidentally shot Preston in the arm. She tells "Deep down, Charlie Sheen is a good person."

Joey Bartolomeo of People magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "The Charlie that we're seeing now really isn't the Charlie that Kelly knew. They were together for a year back in the late '80's. She said that at the time, he wasn't using drugs."

Meanwhile, Rob Lowe will not be replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, according to the executive producer of Lowe's show, Parks and Recreation. He says, "Rob is a full-time cast member. He's on the show for a number of more years, and that's the end of the story."

But there is one comedian who couldn't resist auditioning for Charlie Sheen's old part. In a video on, Jerry O'Connell filmed a hilarious audition

In the video, O'Connell has all of Sheen's signature moves down. He chain smokes. He uses Sheen's catch phrase "Winning! Winning!"

O'Connell also says: "Don't get mad at me, because I'm having a better life than you!"

But on a serious note, last night Jerry O'Connell appeared on Lopez Tonight and talked about the Sheen saga.

"It was a joke. We did it last week when all that stuff was funny, but I think this week it's not so funny anymore," said O'Connell.