Mom Drops 100 Pounds After She Says Her Husband Had An Affair - See the Stunning Transformation

Betsy Ayala previously weighed a whopping 262 pounds.

ATexas mom to make a life-changing decision to drop the pounds and live a healthier lifestyle after she says her husband had an affair.

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Betsy Ayala claims she was looking through her husband's phone when she discovered he was not being faithful. At the time, she weighed 262 pounds.

"It was just shocking," she told Inside Edition. "It was like: 'Oh my God. That just really turned my world upside down."

Even worse, she says, was what her husband was saying behind her back.

"They were saying mean things about my weight, saying things I can't repeat," Ayala said. "What bothered me more than the affair was what they said about my weight. They were really nasty about my weight.”

She ended her marriage and immediately began eating better and exercising.

"I cut out all junk food — no sodas, no sweets — and then I decided to get active," she said.

The mom-of-one enlisted her sister, Lory, and together they started working out six days a week.

“The thing about going to gym, it was very imitating, I was insecure but as I got healthier things got easier to the point where I am now," she said. 

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Ayala said she went from a size 20 to a size eight, and became 100 pounds lighter.

Her proud sibling said: "The transformation that my sister has gone through has been incredible. She has been very persistent, consistent and she's been changing as a person."

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