911 Dispatcher Takes Call About House Fire - From Her Own Daughter

Layla Wray kept her cool as she made sure all family members were outside of the burning home.

This 911 dispatcher may have heard it all, but how about an emergency call from her own daughter?

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Texas mom Layla Wray kept her cool as her 14-year-old daughter, Kassidee, called, saying, "The house is on fire!"

"I may have thought about it for a moment and then went straight into dispatch mode doing what i could to get somebody out there," Layla told Inside Edition.

She added: “I kept thinking, 'just get [firefighters] there. Just get them there.'"

On the call, Kassidee can be heard crying as her mom tried to comfort her.

The poised mother said: “It's ok, all right? You just need to back away from the house, ok? Back away from the house. Everything's fine. We'll get people out there, ok?"

The only time the 911 dispatcher went into mommy mode was when she heard Kassidee bickering with her 11-year-old kid brother, Dylan.

The mother can be heard saying: “If you two don't stop fighting, I swear to God! Y'all do not need to be fighting over this, OK? There's other s*** happening. You hear me?"

But Layla is proud of her daughter.

"Kassidee did really well," she told Inside Edition. "For a 14-year-old girl pushed out of the house in her pajamas with no shoes on to be able to call and keep her voice as steady as she did for that length of time was pretty amazing.”

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Unfortunately, the Wrays' home outside Houston was a total loss and burned to the ground.

“Everything was in the house. All of our photo albums, blankets, keepsakes you've been keeping from their grandma and your grandma, just everything just gone,” the mother said.

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