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7-Month-Old Dalmatian Hates Seeing Boy, 5, Leave for School in the Morning

Lux, the dalmatian puppy, could be seen in a video hopping up on two paws, and embracing 5-year-old Leo from behind using his other two paws.

This Dalmatian can't seem to let his loved one go.

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This spotted pup can't seem to bear watching his loved one go, even if it's just for a few hours.

Lux, a 7-month-old Dalmatian pup from Worcestershire, England, can be seen in a video licensed by Caters News, standing on two paws, and embracing 5-year-old Leo Rose from behind as the boy attempted to leave the house for school.

"It looks like he's trying to stop him from leaving," his mother Laura Asbury, 27, said. "You should have seen Leo when he got to school. It was like it had been snowing — he was absolutely covered in white hair."

The lifestyle blogger mom has since tried different things to ease the pup's sadness as Leo heads off to school for the day, including bringing Lux in the car as they drop the boy off, "but he was just crying in the car," Asbury said.

Ever since the Dalmatian joined their family months ago, the pup and the boy have become best of friends.

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From running around together, to falling asleep together on the sofa, or getting into mischief together, Asbury said it is obvious the pair share a special bond.

"We definitely feel like we've got another kid in the house," she joked. "I think the bond will last for life now that they've bonded so young. They just get on so well."

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