Mom Praises Officer for His Kindness Toward Her Son With Autism at Football Game

Teresa Vargas was grateful that they ran into the officer.

A mother took to social media to praise an Indiana police officer for his kind-hearted nature toward her son, who has autism, at an Indianapolis Colts game.

Teresa Vargas and her son Rhys, 8, were at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 1 for the football game when he became overwhelmed after stepping into the loud venue.

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“Venues like that can be overwhelming. It’s a new experience. He was kind of melting down so I took him outside,” Vargas told “I was like, 'We need to get out of here.'

"My poor son was torn between wanting to be inside but not be able to handle everything that came with that.”

Just then, a Delaware County Sheriff’s officer asked the mother if she needed help.

"I said my son has autism and it’s overwhelming. He then recommended a place he could go with much less noise and TV's of the game," said Vargas. "We went to the room and Rhys loved it and it was perfect."

The officer, David Vest, said that it may have been his training on autism that he receives at his job, but he was just glad he was able to make a difference for Rhys.

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"I saw this kid crying so I hoped to find a way to help him enjoy the game and have a better day," Vest told

And that he did.

"He made such a different to Rhys. He told all his classmates about the amazing day he had and was telling his friends about his new friend, the officer," Vargas said. "He really made an impact. I was so impressed that such a young officer had the capability to turn Rhys’s whole day around."

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