Bad Hair Day? Husband Gets His New Drone Caught in Wife's Locks

It took about an hour to get the drone out of the woman's hair.

A Toronto mom was clearly not pleased with her husband's new drone after it got caught in her hair, and that was just the beginning.

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Sheena Michaud was in her bathroom examining the after effects of a quad-propelled drone that got stuck in her long locks. But then, her 2-year-old daughter, who was in another room, grabbed the controls.

As a video shows, the propellers begin to wrap tighter around her hair, leading Michaud to scream in agony.

She explained to Inside Edition that her husband had been playing with the drone in the house as she sat on the floor entertaining their toddler. Her husband then accidentally got the drone stuck in her hair as he went in for the landing.

She said it took about an hour to get the drone out of her hair.

She added: "It was a process and we only had to cut a little piece of hair out and luckily I still have all my hair."

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Michaud said having the drone in her hair hurt and while she tried to be upset with her husband, the situation provided a series of laughs.

"I tried to be mad at him but I couldn’t because I had this drone hitting and hanging everywhere, so I kept laughing," she said.

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