Deputy Shot in Shootout With Suspect Caught on Heart-Stopping Dashcam Video

The young deputy was saved by his bulletproof vest.

Harrowing dashcam footage from a Georgia deputy's patrol car shows the dramatic moment he was shot by a suspect.

The video was taken during a shootout between Troup County Sheriff's Office Deputy Michael Hockett during a mental welfare check he was called to on Monday.

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When the deputy arrived to a private home, he exited his vehicle and went around a fence toward the house when he heard what he described as a banging sound.

As he looked in the direction of the noise, he saw a white male firing a gun at him, the sheriff's office said in release.

Hockett then retreated toward his vehicle. In the video, he is seen leaping over a gate before going out of frame.

Right behind him, a man police have identified as Matt Edmonson pursues Hockett and raises his pistol.

The suspect opens fire and Hockett is hit, but is able to retreat to his vehicle and call for backup after returning fire and hitting the suspect in the shoulder.

After backup arrived, Hockett was taken to a hospital for treatment. Thanks to a bulletproof vest, officials say he'll be just fine.

Meanwhile, cops say the suspect holed up in a house with his mother, who called 911 after her son was shot.

"I need an ambulance. Please hurry. My son’s been shot," she said. "There was a deputy here we had just came in. and I don't know if the deputy was shot or not. I don't know what's going on but I'm scared to death."

After an hours-long standoff, 28-year-old Edmondson was arrested after emerging of the residence. 

According to the Lagrange Daily News, Edmondson was charged with criminal attempted murder, aggravated assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and false imprisonment.

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The suspect's mother, Liz Edmonson, told WGCL her son suffered some "kind of nervous breakdown."

"I didn't know what happened to the deputy," Edmonson said. "I was just stuck in the house, trying to get out to get help. I didn't have my cell phone — Matt had taken my cell phone, so when I finally got up to my gate, it was just law enforcement everywhere.  You see how quiet it is on a normal day— nothing going on down here. You wouldn't find a nicer guy than Matt. Just somehow, some way, there was a breakdown."

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