Police Raid Charlie Sheen's Home

After receiving a call that Charlie Sheen threatened to harm himself with a firearm, police raided the home of the troubled star. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Police raid Charlie Sheen's home!

No less than 50 Los Angeles cops swooped in on Sheen's estate late Thursday night responding to a report that he had guns and ammo inside his house.

That would be a violation of the restraining order his estranged wife Brooke Mueller filed against him.

As the police presence grew, the media of the world descended on his home, and chaos ensued! Photographers thought they were about to see Sheen taken forcibly to a psychiatric ward for an involuntary hold called a 5150, but those early reports turned out to be wrong.

Sheen's divorce lawyer, Mark Gross, arrived in the middle of the mob scene and fought his way through the crush.

"Whoever is putting this 5150 hold stuff out there is way off base. I'm frankly offended by it. It's wreckless. It's inappropriate and there is nobody walking intelligently on the face of this earth that is talking about a 5150 hold for Charlie," said Gross.

Sheen's lawyer says police found only an antique gun.

Gross said, "The only thing they found in the house with any hook was a few bullets and an antique gun from the 1800's."

And just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, an alleged trespasser was found in Sheen's yard. He was identified as 26-year-old David Pack from Kansas City.

Sheen himself seemed to think the whole drama was good fun. As soon as cops left he posted light-hearted messages on his Twitter page.

"The LAPD were awesome. Absolute pros! They can protect and serve this warlock anytime! 50 cops in my home. They all left. I'm still here. Winning," tweeted Sheen.

Sheen's assistant, Rick Calamaro, emerged from the estate just after cops left.

"All I can tell you guys is that he is okay. Everybody is a-okay," said Calamaro.

He says inside Sheen was watching coverage of the earthquake in Japan along with the rest of America.

"We're all worried about Japan," said Calamaro.

Meanwhile, Sheen's Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer appeared on Conan O'Brien's show last night and joked about being branded a "troll" by Sheen.

Cryer said, "Those words were very painful to me, for many reasons. The fact is, I am a troll," said Cryer to many laughs from the studio audience.