Meet the 'American Idol' Contestant Who Dropped 150 Pounds for Her Audition - See the Transformation

Lindita Halimi used to tip the scales at 250 pounds.

When Lindita Halimi tried out for America Idol in the show’s final season, she blew the judges away with her killer pipes and fit figure. 

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During her audition, she told host Ryan Seacrest that she lost 150 pounds just for the occasion.

She previously tipped the scales at 250 pounds and her incredible story is now being told in People magazine’s annual "Half Their Size" issue.

"I can do so many more things that I couldn't do before," Halimi told Inside Edition. "I am way more active, I basically live in the gym now."

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The 27-year-old singer grew up in Kosovo during the war that raged in the country from 1998 and 1999. Her parents didn't know when she would get their next meal, so when the war ended, she says she ate uncontrollably.

In May, Halimi will represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, which pits Europe’s best rising singers and songwriters against each other in a competition that will crown the continent's best emerging talent.

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