Gender Reveal Goes Hilariously Wrong Twice After Mom Tries to Include Her 1-Year-Old Daughter

This Connecticut mom thought the plan to have her daughter, 1, bite a colored cake pop would be foolproof. It wasn't.

Not once, but twice, did this Connecticut mom's attempts to include her 1-year-old daughter in a special gender reveal go hilariously wrong.

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When Jenny Clarino, 36, of New Haven, was about to find out the gender of her second baby nearly two years ago, she wanted to make her daughter Olivia, who was 1 at the time, a part of the process.

So, as she and her husband Ben Jacobson, 40, were on their way back from their ultrasound, Clarino's sister had cake pops made, with a white frosting concealing a colored cake that would indicate the gender of their baby.

Surrounded by all their friends and family, she then feeds the cake pop to little Olivia.

"She's had a lollipop before," she told "I did not even think to prepare her for [the cake pop]. I only thought about what color would be inside."

Little Olivia tried to bite at the treat twice but wasn't able to pierce the hard frosting that coated the outside.

So, Clarino, who was impatient for the results, took a bite out of the treat itself, revealing a baby blue cake batter inside as her friends and family exploded into cheers, according to a video by Caters News.

"It was the first [boy] in the family," she explained. "We were all screaming, I was crying. My mom was on the floor, she was that excited."

But, confused by the display, little Olivia began bawling.

"I don't think she understood," Clarino said. "I think when everyone screamed, she thought it hurt me, because I'm crying. She didn't understand happy tears yet. We felt bad we did that to Olivia."

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Last November, Olivia turned 3 and their son Tommy turned 1.

If the reaction to a blue cake pop was any indication of their relationship, Clarino joked, "She still doesn't want a brother."

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