Grandfather Stops Kidnapping In 'Tug of War' With Woman in Park Over 3-Year-Old: Cops

Cops say Lindsay Frasher wrapped her arms around the girl, but her grandfather refused to let go.

Cops say a grandfather stopped an attempted kidnapper from snatching his 3-year-old from a California park over the weekend.

The Auburn Police Department says the incident unfolded Saturday when a woman they identified as 28-year-old  Lindsay Frasher approached a family and grabbed the little girl in a bear hug.

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Frasher allegedly then "attempted to physically take the female child away," police said.

However, as the little girl's family watched in horror, the grandfather fought back in what  Sgt. Gary Hopping called  "a tug of war over the little girl."

Cops say the grandfather prevailed and members of the girl's family held Frasher at the scene while waiting for authorities to arrive.

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Officials say Frasher  didn't know little girl or her family.

Frasher was arrested on kidnapping charges and her bail was set at $200,000.

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