Was Brad Womack Engaged Before Appearing On The Bachelor?

INSIDE EDITION talks to the ex-girlfriend of The Bachelor star Brad Womack, who shares her experience dating the reality star.

The finale of season 15 of The Bachelor comes down to two beautiful women, Chantel O'Brien and Emily Maynard. Which one will Brad Womack pick?

Laurel Kagel, who owns a spa in Austin, Texas, who dated the handsome bachelor for eight years, told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander he could be very controlling.

"Up and down, ‘I don't want you. I love you. I hate you. I want you.' It was constant," Kagel said.

But Womack's ex-girlfriend has her doubts that he's looking for true love.

"I don't think he's ready for a successful relationship," Kagel said.
"Did Brad propose to you?" Alexander asked.

 "When he sat my mom and I down he said, ‘I'll marry you right now. I want to marry you.'" Kagel said.

Womack never gave her a ring and much to her shock, three days later he headed off for a new season of The Bachelor.

"That really hurt me. Right away I texted him back: Thought we were getting married. I thought we were supposed to be together," Kagel said.

 "Brad says he never proposed to you. What do you say to that?" Alexander asked her.

"The cards, flowers, emails, gifts, all the pages and pages of him saying, I was his only one. I can't believe he'd say that," Kagel said.

Kagel watches the show every week and says she'd be very surprised if he picked Maynard, a single mom.  

"Brad has told me many times he doesn't want children," said Kagel.

So what's it going to be like for her to see him give away the final rose?

"He has known them for six weeks and we had eight years, so it's going to be hurtful," Kagel replied.