The Most Expensive Home in America: Property Once Owned by Michael Strahan on the Market for $250 Million

The lavish estate includes a helipad, a movie theater, a bowling alley and a candy room.

Michael Strahan has a serious case of seller’s remorse after the Bel-Air property he once sold for $11 million is now the most expensive home in America at a whopping $250 million.

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“That used to be my lot. I sold the developer my lot. I regret it now," the Super Bowl champion told his Good Morning America co-hosts Thursday. 

The 38,000-square-foot compound is getting all sorts of national attention for its astonishing luxury, including a 40-seat movie theater, a four-lane bowling alley and a $30 million car collection, as well as a candy room.

A helicopter is parked on the roof but as the Los Angeles Times reported, it had to be brought in on a crane because the mansion doesn't have a permit for takeoffs and landings.

Real estate mogul Bruce Makowsky, who developed the property, called the mansion "the eighth wonder of the world" in a recent statement. 

Strahan bought the property in 2012 for $7.9 million. He sold it the next year for $11 million.

Real estate agent Josh Altman brokered the deal.

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“It was a good deal at the time. It was considered a teardown, without making any fixes he sold it for a big profit,” Altman told Inside Edition. “Yes, the new asking price stings. But the developer put in millions of dollars. We'll see if anyone buys it at the price."

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