Newborn Surprises Mom by Wearing Onesie With Proposal: 'Mommy, Will You Marry My Daddy?'

"As soon as she holds him, she broke into tears," said Darick Mead, 26, of Nebraska.

"Mommy, will you marry my daddy?"

Those were the words a Nebraska father printed on his newborn's onesie the day after his girlfriend gave birth.

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"As soon as she holds him, she broke into tears," said Darick Mead, 26, of Hastings.

He told that he and Susan Medina, 21, started dating a year and a half ago after meeting on social media.

"When I found out Susan was pregnant, I didn't want to ask her to marry me just because we were having a kid," he explained. "I wanted it to feel good in my heart."

But, their journey through pregnancy caused him to quickly realize he wanted to spend his life with her: "She's always there for me, she's always taken care of me, and just to see how she's carried the child, it really touched me."

While Mead originally wanted to pop the question the day little Ryder was born, a 17-hour labor, three epidurals and an emergency C-section convinced him to wait until the following day.

"That was too much on her right now, I didn't want to overwhelm her," he explained.

But, as Medina regained her energy, Mead started putting his plan into action.

He sent a friend out to purchase a plain white onesie and write the proposal using a marker.

Then, he told Medina the nurses had to check on their baby boy, Ryder, and brought the baby to the nurses' station to dress him in the outfit, with the engagement ring pinned to his onesie.

When Mead and little Ryder came back into the room, he told Medina she would be learning how to change his diaper for the first time before handing over little Ryder, revealing the words printed on his onesie: "Mommy, will you marry my daddy?"

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"I wasn't at all expecting that to happen," Mead told "I was super surprised. I still didn't get to change his diaper that time, but it was really awesome."

While the couple is not quite ready to lock down a date, they said they're now looking forward to starting a new life with their 11-day-old baby.

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