Ivanka Trump, Monica Lewinsky Show Support for Barron: 'He's a Baby Whisperer'

The 'SNL' writer who mocked Donald Trump's youngest son on Twitter has been suspended from the show.

Ivanka Trump has praised her 10-year-old brother Barron after he was targeted by social media bullies during their father's inauguration last week.

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Referring to a cute video of Barron playing peek-a-boo with her infant son, Trump’s eldest daughter tweeted: "my youngest brother proves he's a baby whisperer."

Ivanka's words of support come on the heels of an unlikely figure throwing her support behind Barron.

"All children need to be protected from bullying + mockery (incl #barrontrump)," Monica Lewinsky posted on Twitter Monday. "Let's be better than this."

Lewinsky also posted on Tuesday morning that it is National Bullying Prevention Month and urged others to respect one another.

Meanwhile, the Saturday Night Live writer who targeted Barron in a cruel joke on Inauguration Day has been suspended by the show.

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Katie Rich also apologized for what she called her "insensitive tweet” where she called Trump’s youngest son “this country’s first homeschool shooter." The tweet was deleted promptly after she was ridiculed on social media.

"I deeply regret my actions & offensive words," she later posted to Twitter. "It was inexcusable & I’m so sorry."

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