Minnesota Governor Reveals Cancer Diagnosis a Day After Fainting in Middle of Speech

Gov. Mark Dayton made the shocking announcement the day after he passed out while delivering the state of the state address.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton announced Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer — a day after he passed out while delivering the State of the State address.

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On Monday night, Dayton was in the middle of his speech when he started slurring his words. Moments later, he slammed his head on the podium as he collapsed.

Aides and lawmakers rushed in to help, laying him down on the floor.

There were warning signs to what would come. Before his speech, the governor looked shaky as he walked into the house chamber and at one point stumbled.

"Fainting is really common," ABC News Chief Health And Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser told Inside Edition. "It can occur when someone is giving a speech in a stressful situation or standing for a long time in some people causes the blood pressure to drop and they faint."

Dr. Besser says the folks who came to the governor's aide did exactly the right thing.

“You want to ease them down to the ground, have them lie flat and bending their knees helps as well. Then call for 911 because you can't assume they are okay," he said. 

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The 69-year-old governor announced Tuesday that he will continue the remaining two years of his term.

He will also go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for tests as to why he fainted. He will also get prostate cancer treatment options from the renowned clinic.

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