Triple Trouble: Three Colorful Squirrels Born Inside British Zoo

It is the first time squirrels of this breed were born in the zoo.

One British zoo is celebrating the birth of three colorful squirrels that are the first of their kind to emerge inside the facility.

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The three cute squirrels known as Prevost's squirrels are native to Southeast Asia. It is the first time squirrels of this breed were born inside the Chester Zoo in England.

“The squirrels are vital to the survival of the forests in which they live, redistributing seeds from the fruit that they eat, giving rise to new generations of plants,” the zoo said in a statement. 

The trio has multicolor fur on their bodies — their stomachs are maroon, their backs and heads are black and their sides are white and gray, including parts of their face.

The triplets’ mother, Andre, endured a 48-day pregnancy and gave birth to her young 11 weeks ago.

"The new triplets are 11 weeks old but have only recently started to leave their nest," the zoo's team manager Dave White said in a statement. "Prevost’s squirrel parents are very protective of their new kittens and will carefully guard them for the first month of their lives before encouraging them to start venturing out.

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"The youngsters have already developed striking, colorful coats and are gaining more and more confidence by the day. They’re the first Prevost's squirrels to ever be born here and it’s great to see them doing well, climbing and leaping between branches under the watchful eyes of mum and dad."

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