70-Year-Old Heads Back to College And Pledges Fraternity

His brothers had been a part of the same fraternity.

Gary Fryer wasn’t expecting that he’d be in college at 70 years old, much less in a fraternity.

After deciding to get his Bachelor’s degree from Arkansas Tech University, however, Fryer is now a history major and recently pledged to the Kappa Sig brotherhood.

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Fryer dropped out of the same university as a freshman when he was younger to work full-time, but when he retired a few years ago, he began taking a few classes at a community college because it was free for senior citizens and before he knew it, he had an associate’s degree.

“I enjoyed the school so much. I graduated with honors for my associate’s degree. I wanted to learn more and I wanted to go back and get my bachelor’s degree where I started, you know finish up something,” Fryer told InsideEdition.com.

So, in fall 2016, Fryer returned to the school and enrolled.

"Joining a fraternity was the last thing on my mind. I had a lot of interaction with this specific fraternity because my older brother had been part of the fraternity when we younger in Fayetteville,” Fryer said.

His little brother had also been a part of the organization, so when he saw their table at a welcome event for new and transfer students, he went to greet them.

“I told them the story of my brothers being in the fraternity. We started joking about me being the oldest pledge in the world, and then I asked if they were serious and they said yes,” Fryer said. “As we talked a couple more times I went to through “rush” process. Then I went through the initiation process and pledged.”

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Fryer is now just like any other fraternity brother, he goes to the events to help the community and even to some of the parties, all while making sure to maintain his grades.

“I thought I would be retired somewhere near a golf course many years ago,” Fryer said. I am loving the school and loving the interaction with the students."

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