Cat Rescued By Mechanic After Getting Stuck in A Van's Exhaust For Hours

The cat seemed calm about the whole ordeal.

A cat was rescued by a mechanic after being stuck in the exhaust of a van for 12 hours.

Daisy got loose in her England neighborhood and ended up climbing under a van and into the beams of its exhaust on Wednesday night, according to her owner, Sharley Fry.

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“My sister-in-law borrowed my cat for a night as she wanted to see how she was with her daughter. She is a very friendly cat who loves children but she got scared and got loose,” Fry told

Unfortunately, the mechanic was closed for the day so the 8-year-old cat couldn’t be removed until morning.

Fry said she fed her and checked on her regularly through the night.

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In a video captured of 8-year-old Daisy’s removal, she seems pretty calm as the mechanic takes her out.

"She's doing very well and acting like nothing happened,” said Fry.

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