Taylor Swift's Road To Fame

INSIDE EDITION has video of a young Taylor Swift getting an early start in the spotlight, performing at county fairs.

Taylor Swift's rise to superstardom seems almost meteoric. INSIDE EDITION hit to road to find out what it was like for her growing up.

When she was an 11-year-old, she performed at local county fairs.

Country singer Pat Garrett knew he was watching a budding star after Swift won a karaoke contest at his Roadhouse Club an hour outside Philadelphia.
"Who thought this little girl would be queen of the world. She was a cute little blonde with long hair and a great stage presence," Garrett said.

Most people assume Swift had roots in Nashville, the home of country music. But she actually grew up in the small town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. She lived on a quiet street in a spacious home with her family.

Carter Reese lived next door and told INSIDE EDITION, "She wrote songs and she wrote a lot. She worked very hard at it."

Garrett showed INSIDE EDITION his modest recording studio where Swift's dad gave him a first listen to the future superstar's demo recordings.

Now Swift is one of the most successful and popular popstars of today. She ranked as Forbes's 12th most powerful celebrity, earning $45 million in 2010.