President Obama Tours Brazil During Libya Crisis

President Obama is garnering criticism for touring Brazil as international forces started airstrikes against Libya. INSIDE EDITION reports.

President Obama showed off his soccer skills while kicking a ball around with some school kids in Rio de Janeiro. The President was touring Brazil with First Lady Michelle and their daughters Sasha and Malia.

But the Commander-in-Chief is now coming under fire for his fun and games in South America while the U.S. and its allies were launching air strikes in Libya.

"What War? Obama on Sightseeing Tour!" blares one headline on the Fox News website.

"It is a bit of bad luck in terms of the timing. It's one of those things where the trip to South America has been planned for some time and then suddenly we're dealing with a crisis in Libya," says Politico's Beth Frerking.

The White House released a photo of the President on a secure conference call from his hotel room in Brazil, being briefed on the situation in Libya.

"He is certainly plugged into what's going on, it's not as if he turned off his Blackberry and isn't paying any attention, he's in the middle of it," says Frerking.