Watch This Curious Sea Lion Become Mesmerized by a Family's Umbrella at Aquarium

The Slovenian family were in Spain on vacation when the surprising moment happened.

One family got the surprise of their life as they encountered a sea lion that mimicked the motion of their twirling umbrella inside a Spanish aquarium.

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Anton Juhant, of Skfja Loka, Slovenia, was at the Oceanografic Aquarium in Valencia with his family during a vacation January 20 when a sea lion swam toward them as they stood behind the protective glass.

The curious sea lion became fascinated with the family’s polka dot umbrella and when the Slovenians twirled it, the sea mammal began to spin, mimicking the moves of the parasol.

In footage obtained by Caters News Agency, the short clip transfixes viewers the same way the sea lion appears to be engrossed by the umbrella.

“This was such a special moment," Juhant told Caters. "My wife and kids all adore animals, so it was an encounter we all very much enjoyed.

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"The kids were going crazy when he first started to spin, trying to get him to change directions and at different speeds. He went back up for air several times, but kept coming back for more."

Anton said that the “kids did not want to leave” and played with the sea lion for about 15 minutes.

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