5-Year-Old Visits His Twin Brother's Grave to Share Stories About First Day of Kindergarten

"It gave me a sense of peace to see he picked up a connection with his brother," said Brooke Myrick, the mother of Walker and late twin, Willis.

This Alabama boy couldn't wait to tell his twin brother about his first day of school, even if he had to do it at his grave.

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Walker Myrick, 9, was photographed in 2012 leaning against the grave of his twin brother, Willis, while chatting about his first day of kindergarten, a milestone they should have shared together.

His mom, Brooke Myrick, 33, remembers the day like it was yesterday. She recalled her son running ahead to the gravestone before she even got out of the car.

"It gave me a sense of peace to see he picked up a connection with his brother," Myrick told InsideEdition.com. "He feels like his brother watches over him, he’s always felt that way."

Walker never got the chance to meet his twin brother. Willis passed away in the womb from twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

"Of course it makes me sad," said Myrick, fighting back tears. "I knew it would always make me sad as soon as we found out he had died."

She explained for the first couple years after Walker was born, they would visit his grave every two months or so. Now, nearly ten years after the loss, she said her family, including her husband; 2-year-old Bryant; 4-year-old Cooper; 8-year-old Jolie and 9-year-old Walker, visit during holidays.

"They love to pick him out little cars, some kind of trinket," she said. "It's just always made [them] feel good to do things like that for [their] brother."

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To keep Willis' memory alive, Myrick said the family often talks about him and hosts an annual charity walk around the time of what would have been his birthday, March 6, to raise awareness for TTTS.

"I still remember my brother today, and he watches over me all the time," Walker said in a video taken last Christmas. 

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