Judge Can't Stop Laughing After Woman Was Fined for Parking 2 Seconds Early

The judge gave her a hard time anyway, joking to the court inspector next to him: "What does justice demand in this case, is it jail?"

Justice must be served — that is, unless the case is so silly that even the judge can’t help but laugh.

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Sarah, of Providence, Rhode Island, brought a parking ticket to Chief Judge Frank Caprio of the Providence Municipal Court.

She was fined for stopping her car two seconds before parking in that spot became legal.

"Well it was ridiculous," Caprio told InsideEdition.com. "It was a matter of a few seconds, and we try to employ the rule of common sense."

Sarah explained in the episode of Caught in Providence that the clock in her car said it was 10:00 a.m. when she tried to park in the spot that was a no parking zone from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. The ticket, however, said she had stopped in the parking spot at 9:59:58 a.m., two seconds before she was legally allowed to park there.

"That’s what her excuse was — that she drove up to the meter and she got there just one minute before she was allowed to park there. The parking enforcement officer got there within that 60 second period and placed the ticket on the vehicle," Caprio explained. "You know what? I believe her."

Nevertheless, according to footage from the show, the judge gave her a hard time anyway, joking to the court inspector next to him: “What does justice demand in this case? Is it jail?”

He explained that the ticket, had it been paid within 14 days, would have been $30. If the ticket was paid within 28 days, it would have doubled.

However, by the time Sarah was able to bring the ticket to court, passing the 28 day grace period, it cost her $90.

Thankfully, Caprio waived the fine.

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“We're not dealing with crimes of moral turpitude, we’re dealing with people who have never been to court in their lives,” he explained. “I'm trying to be fair and take into consideration the individual that's before me.”

He also explained even though the incident became part of an episode in the show, Sarah’s case was real, and the court proceedings were unscripted, despite being more humorous than legal.

“I’ve seen every case imaginable,” he joked.

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