Did Star Jones Threatens Legal Action Against Celebrity Apprentice Co-Star Lisa Rinna?

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Star Jones to find out where she stands with the feud that's reportedly been going on between her and Lisa Rinna.

Star Jones is speaking out about her nasty cat-fight with Lisa Rinna.

The pair butted heads on Celebrity Apprentice and the feud recently spilled over onto Twitter when Rinna posted pictures that poked fun at Jones. One picture featured Rinna next to a horned monster with the caption 'Great shot of me and Star Jones!'

Jones says the nastiness got so bad she called in NBC's attorneys, who told Rinna to back off.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked her if the feud was over.

"The NBC executives and the legal team took care of it, they took care of it to my satisfaction. And that's the way I handle things," Jones replied.

Meanwhile, Jones may be reigniting another feud with her new novel, Satan's Sisters. The novel is about a daytime TV talk show with five female co-hosts called "The Lunch Club." Sound familiar.

Jones famously clashed with Barbara Walters when she was fired from The View in 2006.

"Do you feel any of your former co-hosts will feel uncomfortable with the book? Will they be able to tell who is who?" Moret asked.

"Every character is based on someone I've worked with, worked for or interviewed or who I interviewed. I take no prisoners, it is snarky and gossipy and dishy and sexy beyond belief," said Jones.