Nik Wallenda Speaks Out After 5 Injured in High-Wire Stunt Gone Wrong: 'We'll Get Through This'

Wallenda said the incident will not stop him from performing the stunt.

Nik Wallenda has spoken out about the terrifying fall involving eight daredevils who were rehearsing a dangerous stunt during a practice session in Florida.

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The stunt, which was never attempted before in public, saw five of the aerialists fall 25 feet to the ground. Three others hung on for dear life.

Wallenda was unharmed in the accident. He told the Today show that he saved himself by grabbing the wire.

“I was on the wire at the same time three of us, praise God, were able to catch the wire,” he said.

The Wallendas were rehearsing an eight-person pyramid inside a big top in Sarasota when someone lost their balance. They were rehearsing a secret twist to the famous act which would have put them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“It’s tragic. It’s horrible. It’s a nightmare, but the Wallendas are — we’ll get through it. That’s what we’ve done in the past and that’s what we’re gonna do,” Wallenda told NBC Wednesday. “We had a guy today fall 28 feet — he was on the lower level — and he literally got up and walked out of the tent.”

One of the daredevils posted on Facebook: "Keep the prayers coming for the rest of the troupe."

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The Wallendas are no strangers to tragedy. Two of Nik Wallenda’s uncles were killed in a hire-wire act in 1962. The 73-year-old family patriarch, Karl Wallenda, was also killed in a fall.

Nik Wallenda said he will be back on the high wire again very soon, saying, “There's no question in my mind! This is our legacy."

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