Dads Attempt to Imitate Their Kids' Graceful Ballet Moves During Parent-Student Dance Class

"I wanted [parents] to see and experience the work, effort and dedication their kids bring to class nightly," said Thom McIntyre, the owner of studio.

These Pennsylvania dads may not be naturals at ballet, but they stole the show during a special Valentine’s dance with their kids.

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In a series of videos posted by the Philadelphia Dance Center, graceful ballerinas can be seen leaping, turning and pirouette-ing gracefully across the dance floor, as their dads try to follow their lead.

“This is the first time we did a parent-student Valentine’s class,” studio owner Thom McIntyre told “Our parents are always supportive behind-the-scenes [and] I wanted them to see and experience the work, effort and dedication their kids bring to class nightly.”

McIntyre explained for the special class, the studio invited both moms and dads to join their children in the class – an hour for younger dancers and an hour-and-a-half for older dancers.

They were asked to come in comfortable clothing to move around in, but it’s clear in the videos the studio shot that some of the dads decided to play the part, bringing their own tutus.

"It was held like any normal ballet class [but] there still was a lot of laughter," McIntyre said. "The kids had so much fun but took their class seriously and helped correct their parents on their form."

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Although it was all fun and games at the studio that day, McIntyre said it was a great way for all the boys and girls at their studio to bond.

“Our dance family is so close, this was just one more way to bring some fun and quality time into their lives,” he explained.

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