Introducing Philadelphia's Top Ten Hottest Bachelors

INSIDE EDITION wants your vote for the guy you think is Philly's Hottest Bachelor. Check them out and cast your vote now!

They have chiseled bodies and dazzling smiles. Pay attention single ladies, these men also have great personalities. And yes, they're all single!

INSIDE EDITION scoured Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love and found ten of the hottest bachelors.

We brought the guys together at Church Street Studios for a sexy photo shoot with photographer Kristine Paige.

They got pumped up with push-ups and a little moisturizer added just of touch of sheen.

26-year-old Jeremy Klinger is an engineer and says," It's an excellent steady gig."

Eric Clever is a personal trainer and a 1st Lieutenant in the National Guard.

Joseph Matthews owns a modeling agency and Mackie Root is a nutritionist.

25-year-old Joe Rooney works as a model but he says he's looking for more than a pretty face: "They have to be trustworthy."

Next is the rebel of the group. 36-year-old Nate McIntyre and he has singing in his blood. His sister is Grammy-winner Macy Gray. He is a fitness trainer and owns Philadelphia's Bodyrock Bootcamp and says he wants a family.

32-year-old Anthony Romeo works in medical sales and is looking for a sporty down to earth woman.

"Who knows, I could walk out the door and there she is," says Romeo.

Model Christopher Lyle says he's looking for a woman who can cook like his mother because he loves to eat.

John Foley charms the ladies as a bartender. And rounding off our top ten is rocker type Mita Khrichenko.

Khrichenko plays the guitar but is also a medical researcher at Philadelphia Children's Hospital.  

Who says a good man is hard to find? Here are 10 all in one place! Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite in our Philly's Hottest Bachelor Poll!