How Former 'Annie' Actresses Partied Alongside Celebrities at Studio 54 as Teenagers

The actresses were in their teens when they visited the club alongside stars like Michael Jackson and Grace Jones, they told Inside Edition.

Actresses who once starred in Annie have revealed how they would leave the Broadway theater and head straight to Studio 54 to party alongside celebrities.

The actresses, who gathered at a special event to celebrate the musical's 40th anniversary, told Inside Edition that they were in their teens when they visited the world-famous Manhattan nightclub alongside stars like Michael Jackson and Grace Jones.

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"I believe some of us spent time at Studio 54 after the show," said Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, who starred as Annie in 1979, when she was 14.

Andrew McArdle, the original Broadway Annie, said they went to Studio 54 "all the time."

"We would all go. Right next to us would be Bianca Jagger, Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol," she said. "We were 13."

To mark the musical's anniversary, 19 former Annies gathered to share their memories of the show.

Parker recalled other trips with her fellow actors, such as going to Coney Island after her mother gave her $5 — "enough to get shrimp or pizza and go play pinball, and get back to the theater on our own," she said.

All the women remember the role fondly.

"When you're so impressionable, it's such an amazing thing as a person," McArdle said.

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The 1977 production was a smash hit, winning seven TONY Awards and running for six years.

Among the other Annies who attended Inside Edition's event, Patricia Patts played the role in Los Angeles in one of the countless touring productions. Madison Kerth closed the 30th anniversary tour of the show and Alicia Morton portrayed Annie in the 1999 Disney film.

Taylor Richardson was the last Annie on Broadway when the show closed in 2014.

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