An MTV Teen Mom Allegedly Assaults Another Teen

A teenage mother from MTV’s reality show Teen Mom 2 was arrested over the weekend for allegedly assaulting another teen girl. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

19-year-old Janelle Evans is featured on the second season of the controversial reality show Teen Mom. It was the number four highest rated program on cable last week, after Jersey Shore and wrestling. It has come under fire for glorifying teen pregnancy. Just this month, Evans appeared on the covers of two national magazines, Ok! and Us Weekly.

Evans was recently caught on tape brutally assaulting another teenager. In the video she pummels her victim again and it appears to be in the head. She appears to be the instigator, taunting the other girl with nasty insults. Then she throws the first punch.

It becomes an all-out fight, with Evans flailing away. Finally, someone pulls her off.

An exclusive video shows Brittany Truett at a North Carolina Police Station filing charges on March 27th. She had visible bruises around her eyes.

Evans was arrested for assault, and now has a mug shot to add to her previous run-ins with the law, which include charges for drug possession and breaking and entering.

Truett says the fight was over Evans's boyfriend, Kiefer.

"She said I was a liar, that Kiefer wasn't hitting on me and he was. She was pretty mad about it," Truett told INSIDE EDITION.

But Evans's attorney says, "Janelle may have been set up."

Whoever is at fault, psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere warns that Evans and the other stars of  Teen Mom may not have the maturity to deal with fame. He says that they are expected to turn up the heat being on a reality TV show. But once the cameras are off, they need to learn how to make a smooth transition back in a normal life.