Stepfather Charged In 14-Month-Old's Murder, He Allegedly Sexually Abused and Beat Her Into Coma

She died a week after being hospitalized.

The stepfather of a 14-month-old baby girl who was reportedly sexually abused and beaten into a coma has been charged with murder.

Wayne Arthur-Scott Brown, 29, was arrested on Thursday, a week after his step daughter, Laylah Heether, was found unresponsive in her Michigan home while in Brown’s care.

Laylah died on Tuesday from her injuries, according to reports.

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According to court documents, Brown initially told police that Laylah was injured after falling off a couch, however, doctors who examined the 14-month-old concluded that ‘trauma is the only thing that could have caused these injuries."

Laylah reportedly had numerous old and new fractures all over her body, including a skull fracture, and was suffering from brain bleeding.

Authorities also said that Laylah had sustained injuries to her genitals suggesting 'probable sexual abuse'.

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Brown was initially arrested shortly after the baby’s hospitalization on a domestic violence charge. He’s accused of assaulting Laylah’s mother, according to reports.

He was released from jail after someone posted $1,000 for his bond on that charge.

Brown was re-arrested on Thursday and charged wirh felony murder and first-degree child abuse charges.

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