99-Year-Old Gets Arrested to Cross It Off Her Bucket List

She was later released.

Being thrown in the slammer is enough to make a grown man cry, but this 99-year-old woman was smiling wide as she was slapped with cuffs — an event she was eager to cross off her bucket list.

The Dutch woman, known only as Annie, had her jail dreams fulfilled when her niece contacted local police to ask for their help.

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Police reportedly picked the woman up and took her to jail, where she was handcuffed and placed in a cell for few minutes.     

Police took to Facebook to share the cute moment of the nearly 100-year-old smiling from her cell.

"(An officer) decided to look into the possibility to grant her request. One thing led to another, and the result is a happy Annie, a ticked off bucketlist and some very nice pictures," a police spokersperson told InsideEdition.com.

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Annie, however, isn’t the only grandma with the desire to spend a little time behind bars.

In October, 102-year-old Missouri woman Edie Simms fulfilled her bucket list as well when she was cuffed and taken for a ride in the back of a police cruiser.

Cops even wrote up a mock arrest warrant for the grandma.

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