Megan Alexander's Mama Blog: Formal Maternity Wear

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asks what to wear on the red carpet when you're pregnant.


I am at 7 months pregnant and counting! Last Saturday I headed out to cover Comedy Central's first ever Comedy Awards in New York City.

Now that I am pregnant, the big question is "What am I going to wear on the red carpet?"

I confess, I have been sticking close to black. Its fun to show off the baby bump and be proud of the moment, but there are times when black is just the best color to wear when you are feeling large.

Did you have a "go to" outfit when you were pregnant? A certain dress you loved or certain shirt that you always felt good in?

Let me know on our INSIDE EDITION Facebook page here. And please share you favorite place to shop for maternity clothes. So far, I have been enjoying Gap maternity for jeans and shirts.

Talk soon -

Megan Alexander