2 Men Who Spent 20 Years Behind Bars for Murder They Didn't Commit Sue Police, Prosecutors

The men were falsely accused of murder 20 years ago.

Two Ohio men, who were wrongly convicted of murder and spent 20 years locked up for the crime, have filed a civil lawsuit against Cleveland's police and prosecutors.

Laurese Glover, 38, and Derrick Wheatt, 39, are seeking unspecified damages against the city, Cuyahoga County, several former cops and three former prosecutors, according to the suit filed Friday.

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The men allege that detectives manipulated a 14-year-old witness into falsely identifying them as suspects and withholding evidence that could have cleared them.

They were arrested in 1995, along with Eugene Johnson, in connection with the shooting death of 19-year-old Clifton Hudson. Johnson’s attorney said his client will file his own suit within a week.

All three denied killing Hudson and said they were riding in a vehicle when they saw Hudson getting shot, and quickly drove away.

They were freed in 2015 after a new trial was ordered based on evidence uncovered by the Ohio Innocence Project.

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That information included witness statements, which had never been shared with defense attorneys, from two brothers who identified someone other than the three arrested teens as the gunman.

Lawyers for the exoneration organization also submitted documents showing that gun residue testing methods employed by the Cleveland Police Department at the time have since been proven to provide false matches and is no longer used by law enforcement agencies.

The three were released after a new trial found them not guilty. In 2016, prosecutors dropped the charges.

Neither city officials nor prosecutors responded publicly to the suit.

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