'Gary From Chicago' is a Registered Sex Offender, Was Released From Prison Just Days Ago

Gary Coe was supposed to be on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night, but the appearance was canceled.

Gary Alan Coe, the man now known as "Gary from Chicago" after he and several other tourists inadvertently stepped into the Dolby Theater during the Oscars Sunday, has a checkered past that's now coming to light.

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It turns out that Coe, 59, who got to kiss the hands of some of the most famous women in the world, including Nicole Kidman and Octavia Spencer, is a registered sex offender and was released from prison just days before the ceremony.

He had reportedly served a 20-year sentence. His crimes included theft, burglary, and attempted rape. He says he found redemption behind bars, where he met his fiancée Vickie Vines, who was with him during the Oscars surprise.

Denzel Washington even performed a mock wedding for them during the show.

A planned appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night was canceled. It's unclear whether Coe’s past was a factor.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Coe was released from a California prison Friday; his discharge is so recent that he is still listed as an inmate at the correction center.

Following his Oscar experience, Coe told ABC7: "Change is possible. It's a sad day to be in prison for 20 years and not be able to be a dad, granddad to your children."

In 1978, he was added to the National Sex Offender Registry after an attempted rape in Illinois when he "approached the victim, knocked her down and forced her into the bushes," according to court documents. He then tried to rape her.

In 1997, he was convicted of theft after stealing a bottle of perfume. Under California’s three-strikes law, he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

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His fiancé told Inside Edition they were sitting on a bench on Hollywood Boulevard when they were approached by someone who asked if they wanted to take a bus tour of the city before the Academy Awards. Little did they know, they were on their way to making Oscar history.

A pair of honeymooners also took part in the memorable Oscar stunt.

Yulree Chun and her husband Patrick Tio were also on the bus and went into the Dolby Theater with Cole and his fiancée for Kimmel’s bit.

Tio said his favorite part of the night was meeting Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and "taking that selfie we had."

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