Watch Hunters Help to Release Deer Sandwiched Between 2 Trees

The situation occurred in November but is surfacing now.

A deer found itself wedged between two trees and was crying for help as a pack of hunters came to the rescue in a video that has gone viral.

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The hunters, who were out on a trip in Oregon, ironically came to the deer's aid when they heard it struggling in the November 2016 incident.

When the hunters arrived on the scene, they noticed that the deer was stuck and desperate to get out. The men did the best they could to try and pry the animal loose but after several attempts, one of the men decided to use a hatchet and chop one of the trees that was holding the animal in place.

Throughout the ordeal, the deer wasn’t exactly happy about the hatchet and began kicking them and screaming.

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In video obtained by ViralHog, two of the hunters pry on the tree that was chopped by the hatchet to free the deer.

After a few minutes, the stuck deer was liberated and ran off back into the woods.

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