Dog That Lost Her Babies to Barn Fire Fosters 8 Orphaned Puppies After Their Mom Died

Daisy was devastated when her seven puppies were killed. That's when fate brought her Lorna Murphy and her eight puppies.

After Daisy the dog lost her seven puppies in a barn fire, another litter is helping to mend her broken heart.

Daisy, a Great Pyrenees and border collie mix, lost her 1-month-old pups in the fire in Rosenberg, Ore., on February 20.

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Her owner, Jessica Woodruff, believes the blaze, which also killed four goats and a pig, was sparked by a heat lamp keeping the dogs warm.

"It all happened within minutes," she told "It's horrible."

Daisy was devastated. 

"She came running from another barn that we have," Woodruff said. "My husband and his two friends had to hold her back."

Following the fire, Daisy often returned to the burned-out barn to sit in sadness while whining and whimpering.

After the tragedy, Woodruff's sister, Jacque Barnett, knew Daisy needed a pick-me-up and began searching for foster puppies on her Facebook.

"We were trying to decide if we should get a dog that’s closer to her size but we didn't want to separate a litter, so it just made sense to go with a litter that was orphaned," Barnett said.

That’s when fate brought them Lorna Murphy and her eight puppies. Murphy’s dog Chloe had passed away just a few days after giving birth, leaving the pups without a mother.

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"She called me and said she had eight puppies that needed a mom because she was exhausted trying to feed them all every two hours," Woodruff said.

Daisy’s foster puppies are border collie and Australian shepherd mixes — all farm dogs.

She'll be looking after the foster puppies until March, when they'll go to their new homes. Until then, she's enjoying every moment, Woodruff said.

"She’s amazing. She doesn’t go down to the barn anymore and she’s got this smile now and it’s so heartwarming to see her smile again," she said.

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