David Cassidy Berates Fans in Final Show Weeks After Revealing Dementia Diagnosis

At one point, the former heartthrob stopped a song to tell off a fan.

David Cassidy has taken the stage for the last time with a concert in New York City.

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The former teen heartthrob revealed last month that he's retiring from touring after being diagnosed with dementia.

"I have the odd day where I’m not myself but that doesn’t mean I’m out of it," he told Inside Edition.

Cassidy spoke with Inside Edition before the show at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill in heart of Times Square Saturday and appeared to be in good spirits.

"I'm very excited and I have this sweet feeling," he said.

Cassidy got a warm reception from the sold-out crowd, but what should been a triumphant farewell was pretty shaky, right from the start.

The 66-year-old berated fans for taking pictures and videos. He even stopped in the middle of one song to tell someone off about recording the show.

His voice also took a toll amid claims he was fighting laryngitis. But when his voice faltered, the fans helped him along.

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Prior to the show, he expressed his excitement to be performing at the storied venue.

"I’ve chosen for 2017 to finish where I began, and where I was born, in the city of Manhattan, in New York, at B.B. King's in just more than a few days. I intend to put the touring aspect of my life to rest,” he wrote on his website prior to the gig.

"I’m one of the more fortunate human beings, let alone actors, songwriters, singers, musicians, producers, creators in that I’ve had a lifetime of living my dreams. Without you all I would have very little. I am now a very, very, very heart-full rich man."

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