'Knock Knock Gang' Has Stolen More Than $3M Worth of Goods From Stars Like Kevin Hart, Nicki Minaj

Their faces are clearly visible, and they're incredibly patient.

Celebrities like Kevin Hart, Nicki Minaj and Alanis Morissette have all fallen prey to a new gang of thieves plaguing glitzy neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

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Cops are calling the wanted burglars the "The Knock-Knock Gang" because they repeatedly knock on the front door of the targeted mansions to make sure no one is home.

The LAPD has declared the robberies an epidemic and has therefore formed a "Knock Knock Burglar Task Force" in the hope of bringing the robbers to justice.

Surveillance video shows two brazen suspects who may part of the gang. They can be seen at the front door with their faces clearly visible. One suspect was wearing a shirt with "Bow Down Clothing Line" written on it.

Additional surveillance video has shown police just how patient the suspects are.

"They will go up to the front door, knock on the door, if nobody is home, they go straight to the back and break in through the slider and go straight for the master bedroom," LAPD Det. William Dunn told Inside Edition. "They are in and out in about three to five minutes." 

The ritzy neighborhoods being targeted include Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Brentwood and Los Feliz.

Perhaps the hardest-hit was Morissette's home, where thieves took a safe containing more than $2 million worth of jewelry on February 9.

Robbers also recently broke into Minaj’s Los Angeles mansion and made off with $200,000 worth of jewelry and other property.

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The mansion of L.A. Lakers star Nick Young was also burglarized while he was in New Orleans playing in the NBA All-Star Game last month. The suspects made off with $500,000 in jewelry and other items.

Last summer, Hart’s estate was hit by The Knock-Knock Gang, which got away with $500,000 in valuables.

"They have no problem walking into a neighborhood and just picking out random houses," Dunn said. 

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