Business Owner Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands, Catching Would-Be Burglar at Gunpoint: Cops

"He got right there and I told him to stop and put his hands up," said owner Lisa Douglas. "I let him know I did not want to shoot him."

An Arkansas woman said she was tired of watching her business get burglarized, so she took matters in her own hands and caught the suspect at gunpoint herself, according to police.

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Lisa Douglas, owner of Arkansas Therapeutic Body Works in Forrest City, said her business had been broken into three times since December, and most recently, a week ago.

"[They would] come in, take whatever they wanted and trash the place or both and then leave out the front," she told WREG.

Angered by the act, Douglas, a 45-year-old single mother, said she decided to spend the night at her business last Wednesday to watch over it herself.

Just as she expected, she said she woke to the sound of someone at the window, and dashed to the kitchen to dial 911.

"I was scared to death," she admitted.

Douglas said she was then face-to-face to the alleged burglar, 31-year-old James Ray Davis, as she kept the dispatcher on the phone.

“He got right there and I told him to stop and put his hands up,” Douglas said. “I let him know I did not want to shoot him.”

Davis was arrested minutes later when the Forrest City Police Department arrived. Davis was charged with commercial burglary and is currently being held at St. Francis County Jail.

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Douglas said her carry permit allowed her to feel safe that night.

“I knew that he was in here with me or I was in here with him, whichever way we wanted to see it," Douglas said. “There's a ton of things to keep yourself safe, family safe, and still be a legal, law abiding citizen.”

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