Vietnam Vet's Months-Old Corpse Left To Rot As Trio Used His Social Security: Cops

Cops say they found the body of Robert Harris, 71, in his Ohio home.

Ohio police have arrested three people who allegedly left a Vietnam veteran's body to decompose for months while spending his social security income, authorities said.

The Tuscarawas County sheriff said Wednesday deputies performed a welfare check on Robert Harris, only to find his badly decomposed body among garbage in the home.

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An investigation was opened following the discovery of the body when officials say the debit card associated with the 71-year-old's monthly social security payments continued to be used.

Sheriff Orvis Campbell said video footage was examined from the ATM where the card was used, leading police to three suspects.

Authorities have charged Brian Sorohan and Stacy Sorohan with abuse of a corpse and theft of a credit card. Their 18-year-old daughter, Brianna Sorohan, was charged with abuse of a corpse.

In part, cops say the veteran's body went undiscovered so long because the home was completely filled with garbage and the accompanying smell even before Harris died.

Cops said the cause of death has not been determined. 

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Campbell said the suspects shared the home with Harris and slept feet away from where his corpse was discovered.

Brianna Sorohan has been released. Brian and Stacy remain held on $20,000 bond each, according to The  AP.

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