'CHiPs' Star Larry Wilcox Calls New Movie Version 'Dumb and Dumber on Motorcycles'

Wilcox says he wasn't even invited to the movie's premiere.

Everyone's favorite motorcycle cops are back on patrol.

"CHiPS,"  the classic TV series, has been made into an "R"-rated action comedy with Dax Shepard and Michael Pena are the new Ponch and Jon. 

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But Larry Wilcox, who starred in the original series alongside Erik Estrada, isn't impressed.

“I thought, 'Wow this is like soft porn, Dumb and Dumber on motorcylces,'” Wilcox told Inside Edition.

After watching the trailer, Wilcox said, “Dude, what are you doing? You just ruined the imagery of the California Highway Patrol.”

Unlike the TV show, which had the full support of the California Highway Patrol, the movie has a disclaimer, which says the California Highway Patrol does not endorse the film.

IE caught up with 69-year-old Wilcox at the Highway Patrol headquarters, where he is still a hero to many veterans who joined the force because of the hit TV series.

Wilcox says the original show had a positive message, but the new movie is a whole different story.

He's also upset that his old co-star, Erik Estrada, has a cameo and was invited to the premiere, while he was given the cold shoulder.

“They didn’t invite me," Wilcox said. "I asked Erik if he did the movie; he said no. I said, ‘I guess they don't want us in there too bad.'

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“Then I found out later they did use Erik and they didn't use me, and then I see Erik at the red carpet event. It's just tacky."

Dax Shepard's wife, Kristen Bell, also appears in the film.

Shepard said, “I’m very happy with the movie.”

The movie's already getting the thumbs down from some critics. "Borderline incoherent and unrepentantly lewd," says The New York Times, while The Associated Press calls it a "feeble story" with "tasteless jokes."

“Are you going to see this film?” IE asked Wilcox.

“No,” he replied, laughing.

A source close to Estrada told us that he loves and supports the new movie.

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