Teen With Cancer Dies Just Days After FaceTiming With Her Idol Beyonce

Her classmates banded together to make the moment happen for the teen.

A Texas high school senior, whose dream of meeting Beyoncé came true last week, died Sunday after a battle with cancer.

Ebony Banks, 18, was battling a rare form of stage 4 cancer when her color guard teammates at Hastings High School in Houston banded together to make her dream of meeting Beyoncé a reality.

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The teen, whose nickname was Ebob, was diagnosed with cancer in June 2016 and spent most of her senior year at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Her high school had an early graduation ceremony for Ebony last month as her condition worsened.

Beyoncé was Ebony’s idol and her friends wanted to give her the ultimate graduation gift by connecting her with the star.

“When we found out her sickness had progressed, my team and I decided to try and get Beyoncé’s attention because the only thing she wanted to do was meet Beyoncé,” Nina Ashwood, one of Ebony’s teammates, told InsideEdition.com.

The color guard squad and Ebony's friends started the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE in an attempt to get the star’s attention.

"We tagged Beyoncé's mom and sister and hairstylist and basically anyone who's ever been seen with her," Ashwood said. "We posted on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr [and] Snapchat."

Just days before Ebony passed away, Beyoncé herself chatted with the teen via FaceTime.

"After a week, Ebony sent us a photo of her FaceTiming Beyoncé in the group chat we have and we all started freaking out," Ashwood said.

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In the video conversation between the teen and her idol, Beyoncé could be heard saying, "I love you."

"We were just really happy for her and happy we were able to get her access to her idol," Ashwood said.

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