Mom Outraged at TSA, Claims They Treated Her Young Son and Family 'Like Dogs'

The incident happened Sunday in Dallas.

A mother is venting her anger at the TSA after she claims they spent an hour at a checkpoint, resulting in a missed flight to California.

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Jennifer Williamson posted a video of her 13-year-old son’s pat-down on Facebook Sunday at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

“We were treated horribly by the TSA. There was a lot of commentary that was directed towards us that was inappropriate. They were very rude to us," she told Inside Edition. 

She also told CBS This Morning Tuesday her family was "treated like dogs." 

Williamson said the two-minute pat-down came after agents found a laptop in her son's carry-on bag as it went through the scanner.

She said her teenage son, Aaron, suffers from a "sensory processing disorder," which makes him extremely sensitive to touch. She claims that she asked the TSA to search him some other way.

"It is something that he deals with every day and it is something that I brought to the attention of the TSA. They seemed to ignore it completely," she told Inside Edition. 

Aaron told Inside Edition: "I couldn’t understand what I had on me, I have been asking this question and didn’t know what I did wrong at all."

In the upset mother’s Facebook video, the agent explains the procedure for patting Aaron down and his supervisor observed the situation.

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The TSA claims the proper protocols were executed in Aaron's case.

"All approved procedures were followed," the agency said in a statement to Inside Edition. "The pat down took approximately two minutes, and was observed by the mother and two police officers who were called to mitigate the concerns of the mother."

She disagrees that TSA agents were doing their jobs, adding: “My son passed the x-ray without any incident, I was displaying a horrible example to my children by questioning the TSA.”

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