The Love Boat: Tourist Gets Kiss From Whale During Excursion

It was a kiss to remember.

This tourist got lucky when a young whale planted a kiss on him.

In a video shared by Caters News, the tourist reaches out and kisses the mammal on the nose and the animal sticks around, soaking in the love.

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The kisses were greeted by cheers, as a friend screams, "She’s in love, Chris!"

Bryan Batson Jáuregui, and her husband, Sergio Jáuregui, who offer whale watching trips in Baja, Mexico, said they were stunned when the whale popped out of the water for the encounter.

"It's amazing that the whales wanted to come to the boats. They love being touched, but to see one get close enough to be kissed is really remarkable," Bryan said. "This whale will have done this because he was very curious and interested in his first sight of humans."

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The whales reportedly migrate 600 miles down from the waters of Alaska and give birth in Mexico when they're at their most relaxed.

"They're obviously extremely intelligent creatures," Bryan said. "I'd love to know what they're trying to tell us."

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