Suicide At Camp Where Senator Scott Brown Was Molested

Senator Scott Brown revealed his childhood molestation horror earlier this year. INSIDE EDITION has breaking news on a man who was found dead at the summer camp where Brown was molested.

It was a stunning admission from Senator Scott Brown. The Republican from Massachusetts sat by his wife's side and told 60 Minutes he was molested at a summer camp when he was ten.

Brown made the revelation when he released his best-selling memoir, Against All Odds in February 2011.

And now there's a shocking twist. A 43-year-old man who works at the summer camp on Cape Cod has just been found dead. It was an apparent suicide, with a gun shot to the head.

The suicide comes just one day after a second victim came forward to say that, like Senator Brown, he had also been molested at the summer camp when he was ten. INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke with his lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian.

"Senator Scott Brown's coming forward played a substantial role in my client coming forward," said Garabedian.

Brown, who famously won Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in a stunning upset, never identified the summer camp in his book. But Camp Good News came forward and apologized to the Senator for anything that had happened to him when he went there as a kid.

A spokesman for the camp was quoted today as saying, "The man who killed himself is not the same person who molested Senator Brown."

"Do you think this man killed himself because your client and Senator Brown came forward after all these years?" McInerney asked.

"Because we don't know the identity of the person that comitted suicide, I can not state that there was any relationship in my client coming forward and the man that commited suicide," responded Garabedian.

The man who took his life reportedly left behind several suicide notes saying he was tired of being accused of molestation.