Best Friends Since Eighth Grade Give Birth at the Same Hospital Just Minutes Apart

"[The doctor] changed his gloves, put on a new robe, and got my baby out," Alex Hankins, mom of 2, joked.

Two best friends completed another milestone together when they welcomed their babies into the world — just minutes apart.

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"The doctor delivered Liam, and then walked right next door and delivered Ivie," said Amanda Irvine, 22.

Her best friend Alex Hankins, 22, added, “Yeah, like changed his gloves, put on a new robe, and got my baby out."

Irvine told she had been in labor for 30 hours at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Ind., when Hankins, who she met in eighth grade, texted her to let her know her water had broken too.

"I was pretty angry because I wasn’t progressing," she joked.

Irvine ultimately gave birth first, and just 20 minutes later, Hankins' baby was ready to enter the world too.

"It would have been the same time if there were two doctors, I think," Hankins said.

Baby Ivie was Hankins’ second child, and baby Liam was Irvine's first.

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Hankins was able to walk Irvine through her pregnancy, and said the pair now plan to have play dates and birthday parties together.

"Once she finally had him, I’m like, 'I'm so glad you can finally feel everything I was trying to explain to you about how your whole world changes,'" Hankins said. "You love these things so much. You made the most perfect thing in the entire world."

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